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Bespoke mens suit in black colour on a mannequin with a white shirt in a shop window

The joy of hand tailoring. The pleasure of wearing bespoke suits and shirts made with a full custom tailoring process. We make our clothes in the Floating Canvas technique which involves a high level of hand stitching in the garment, which is the preference of connoisseurs of luxury clothing. The VAISH suit or shirt will fit beautifully and feel as comfortable as a second skin.

Learn about TRUE BESPOKE TAILORING and its fascinating process.


We are a third generation family run business of bespoke men’s clothing which was started in 1940. Our founder started the quest for the perfect bespoke experience. Over seven decades we have honed our skills in the art of sartorial elegance. We take pride in each of our products and make sure it deserves our label. We’ve learnt a lot in 75 years. CLICK HERE to know more about our journey.

Bespoke shirts


Art meets science. Very luxurious, very traditional, yet the finest stitch quality science can provide today. Upto 24 stitches per inch (depending upon the cloth and where required). In up to the 330s count of cotton. Yes, you read it right, 330s! The legendary VAISH fitting.

Bespoke suits


The beauty of colour and design. The comfort of the finest fabrics in the world. The luxury of custom tailoring by hand. Our style is contemporary with a dip of tradition, or traditional with a dip of the contemporary. We suggest. You choose.

Cufflinks in multiple colors


Style is never complete without the right accessories. Beautifully made printed or woven silk neckties. Cuff links made of pure silver and semi precious stones. The finest cotton or cashmere socks made in England for VAISH. Collar stays in real horn and silver.